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      Indeed, we hope to be of benefit to others. 
      Insya allah. 

      Sedekah subuh is an initiative by ACOD,
      proceeds will go to a charity organization to support
      their projects for beneficiaries. 

      Simply,make dua and your contributions before you start your day. 
      May we all benefit from our act of giving in the hereafter , insya allah.


      A little Background on Projecthills
      We discovered @projecthills and felt the need to support their wonderful initiatives for Ramadan and Eid, in fact all year round.

      We got in touch with Zulaykha last year in 2022, who runs Projecthills wanting to contribute a little fundraising from our end. Having worked with them to raise funds for Ramadan 2022, we now hope to embark again on this charity initiative for our local community. We hope to collate as many contributions for the beneficiaries :)

      Who Are They?
       Project Hills is a ground-up initiative that aims to provide assistance to residents of rental housing estates, conducting outreach and more.

      Project 2023
      This time, we hope to extend our hand for their weekly Saturday Hot Meals Distribution.

      *Details Picture credits to @Projecthills

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