A Word With Dee: Introspective 2020

 It has been an amazing 2019, a journey of trials and errors, a year of experiencing experiments and withdrawals, building connections and growing from lessons learnt. We welcome 2020 with open arms quietly; examining our thoughts and feelings deeply, with meditations and realizations that you only grow stronger by embracing change. Introspective 2020 will be a year of self-examination, analyzing our intentions as we build our own brand's motivation.

If  there's one thing that we can choose to keep ourselves grounded, it is through giving. Our rizqi is like a pie,  a fraction of it belongs to the brand for sustainabilty, another for the sweats of pain and joy for the time and effort of our girls and riders while a portion of it to those who needs them more than we do. 

We only gain by giving no matter how little it may be. 

Thank you for giving us chances and room to grow. 

Happy Shopping ladies & of course, the gentlemen who purchased for their love ones too. :) Our 2020 Collection is finally officially up. You will be able to shop them at zalora too.

A Cup Of Dee 

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