Soft Lattegold Flowy Lasercut Shawl (Premium Silk Blend)

Soft Lattegold Flowy Lasercut Shawl (Premium Silk Blend)

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  • (NEW!) FLOWY WAVE Lasercut design at the edge of shawl
  • Disclaimer: Do note that actual colour may have minor difference due to lighting.
  • Material : Premium Silk Blend
  • Features: 100% Opaque, lightweight, Cooling, Soft, Flowy, Non slip with a textured underside, minimal ironing required, new lasercut flowy wave details, has a nice sheen. 
  • Type of Hijab: Shawl
    - 180cm by 75cm regular long shawl, style it with ease to your preference with the lasercut details on your face frame or as a pretty drape over your shoulders.
  • Hijabs can achieve same styles as depicted on pictures.Please view our tutorials for guidance.

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