[printed hijabs] - acupofdee
[printed hijabs] - acupofdee
[printed hijabs] - acupofdee
[printed hijabs] - acupofdee

Mara Merida in Premium Babydoll Chiffon (Preorders)

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  • Handpainted by @little.artducated & Designed by @acupofdee
  • Inspired by Wear Your Art Workshop; Islamic Geometric theme by @acupofdee & @little.artducated
  • Meticulously design, edited and arranged every tile of the design.
  • Printed on Material that is comfortable, lightweight, breathable and with a  non slip texture.

Material / Hijab Choices

  • Premium babydoll chiffon 
  • A choice of shawl, instant shawl or regular bawals
  • Measurement for shawl and instants: 200m by 70cm Shawl / one facehole instants 
  • Measurement for bawals : 120 by 120cm
  • Features: Mildly Opaque, lightweight, Cooling, Soft, Flowy, Non slip and almost wrinkle free
  • ETA: 2 Working Weeks

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