Create your own Hijab (Khimar)
Create your own Hijab (Khimar)
Create your own Hijab (Khimar)
Create your own Hijab (Khimar)
Create your own Hijab (Khimar)

Create your own Hijab (Khimar)

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    • Create your own hijab in Khimar

    • Price is inclusive of  customization , printing on fabric and tailoring

    • Material : Premium Babydoll Chiffon
    • Features: Mildly Opaque, lightweight, Cooling, Soft, Flowy, Non slip with a slight soft stretch. Easy to style and almost wrinkle free.
    • Items come with a box. 
    • As this is customized, there wont be an acupofdee label on the hijab.
    • See sample pictures as reference 

    • Uploading Instructions 
      - For digital artwork, ensure your artwork is 200dpi with dimensions 170cm by 150cm

      - For handpainted artwork, digitize your artwork, edit the original artwork into the dimensions of 170cm by 150cm.

      - If your sizing is not according to the dimensions above, please opt for 
      this option -> Create your own hijab (with editing services) 

      - Upload into the system.

      - You may wish to personalize with name/quotes. If you do not wish to do so, just type in NIL. 

    • Process Timeline 
      Please note than the process takes approximately 2-3 working weeks. 
      Do order if you are willing to wait for the printing and tailoring process. 
      Updates will be done via email notifications. 


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