Hijab Details By A Cup Of Dee

All our products are self manufactured. Specializing in printed hijabs, 80% of our products are made of quality printed fabric. They are affordable and fuss free with easy maintenance too.  The prints are handpicked by us and we print our own designs too. 

There are many types of chiffon fabric for you to pick out from. Here's for your better understanding ,with a sample picture for accompanying the detailed description. Arranged in accordance of the opacity level. 

  • High Quality Chiffon

  • Our high quality chiffon are made of Chiffon Cerruti, babydoll chiffon and Chiffon silks. They are usually the lightest fabric in our chiffon fabric family. In comparison to the rest of our fabrics, its opacity level is the lowest.With the right style, you need not worry about the translucent level of the fabric. 

  • Textured Chiffon / Yoryu 

  • This unique material is not only super soft, it also has a mild organza feel with textured soft pleats on it. Its opacity level is on par with High Quality Chiffons. You may style it without pins too because it sets on your shoulder nicely.

  •   Chiffon Crepe  / Soft Crepe Silk 

  • Chiffon Crepe is much more textured compared to High Quality Chiffon range and has a higher opacity level. The crepes option comes in two different options, soft crepe silk is definitely much softer than the Chiffon Crepe. Chiffon Crepe texture allows you to easily have a 'sharp' set effect on your crown too.

  • Premium Chiffon Diamond / Chiffon Georgette

  • Almost wrinkle free, effortless ironing is required when we talk about this material. Its mild stretch adds character to the fabric. This material creates a perfect flow especially on our basic khimar. Occasionally, we bring them in prints too.

  • Blended Chiffon Viscose /Polyester /Korean Chiffon

  • A good blend of chiffon and cotton viscose/ polyester. This fabric range is unique and whenever we got a chance to grab them good prints, we absolutely will! Soft making you feel like you want to sleep on it, easy to style and has a high opacity level. You gotta grab them whenever possible. 


  • Chiffon Zara / Premium Chiffon Zara 
  • Chiffon Queen of all chiffon fabric! The most sought after chiffon fabric and ask our regulars, the quality of this chiffon is beyond words. Hardly frays, high opacity level and flows like a river. That's all we are saying! Due to its high opacity level, this material has become part of our khimar family.

  • Premium Chiffon Zara has a textured finishing. 





  • Textured Chiffon Rubiah

  • We were the pioneers of the chiffon rubiah hijabs in Singapore before the craze of the rubiah trend started! This piece is not only easy to maintain but easy to wear and well loved! Soft, light and almost wrinkle free, what's not to love? We call them the bellas and we have expanded the bellas with a couple of range from the dots to the zigzags and more.


Apart from chiffons, we have our regular range of silks/ satins and those that are similar fabric feel. The inner part of these fabric are mostly textured, non slip and easy to style. Making elegance affordable, without burning a hole in your pocket. 
This fabric is suitable for everyday use as well as event and special occasions. Comes in matte or with sheen for some mild glam too. 

You need not worry about the fabric's opacity level as all of them are non translucent. The fabrics are well suited for khimar too, so you will see them in our khimar family as well. 

  • Maxmara Silk/ Matte Maxmara Silk/ Lite Maxmara Silk

  • This has been one of our best selling fabrics. With a nice sheen on our regular maxmara silks, a pretty flow, soft and non slip. Of course, effortless ironing is the way to go for this fabric!

  • If you prefer non sheen type, go for Matte Maxmara Silks. 

  • Lite Maxmara Silk is the thinnest 
    of the maxmara range.


  • Woolpeach / Matte Woolpeach/ Peachskin 

  • Another favourite on the list. This fabric is soft and cooling; similar to maxmara silk. It is lighter and thinner, in comparison to maxmara silks.
    But of course, effortless ironing too. We love this and you should grab them whenever we got prints in this fabric! 

  •  Armani Silk 

  • An exclusive silk that's luxuriously silky. This piece, similar like maxmara silk is soft, has a nice sheen and flows really beautifully.

  • Matte Satin  

  • This material is a basic satin which is non slip and soft. It is not as light as the rest of the silks but is definitely, still comfortable to wear on a daily basis or on occasions.


We do carry some cottons , on a seasonal basis. They are easy to wear and works best as instant squares too.  

  • Textured Cotton Voal / Soft Cotton Voal 

  • Textured cotton voal is soft and easy to manage. It is easy to iron as well. 
    Its textured and structured fabric nature allows you to shape your scarf on the crown easily.  Sample picture as above is our signature instant square scarf.

  • Soft cotton voal has the same characteristics, but is softer. you can easily create a sharp look or a pretty fun wavy look on your crown. The picture
    above is a sample piece of soft cotton voal. 

  • Cotton Silks
    Cotton silks is one of the earliest fabric that we brought in when we started out. This piece is the lightest of them all that you wont feel much of the fabric weight on your crown. Perfect for humid weather!


    Our hijabs come in a shawls, khimar, instants and semi instants of the following measurements.

  • Regular Shawls : 180 by 75cm
  • Maxi Shawls : 200 by 70cm
  • Instants/ Semi instants/ Khimar: 200cm by 70cm 
  • Scarves : 120cm by 120cm

    Hope you have a better understanding of our fabrics! Insya allah!
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