Sedekah Subuh for wakaf projects  (Ramadan & Syawal)

Sedekah Subuh for wakaf projects (Ramadan & Syawal)

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A little Background on Wakaf Projects

A little fund raising project for our annual global wakaf projects. 
Based on the collection amount, we will distribute the amount 
for waterwell, Quran, madrasah / masjid building projects
under a cup of dee customers :)

Wakaf for Waterwell
Build a water well for the poor & help to reduce the risk of disease through contaminated water 
Wakaf for Quran
Waqf Quran to orphans and the needy have a long-lasting impact.
Wakaf for Madrasah
Build a Madrasah in developing countries to allow a child to earn Islamic and Secular education. 
Wakaf for Masjid
Join our efforts in building a Mosque for Muslim communities in developing countries

This year, we are contributing to @globalehsan initiatives, Insya allah. 


I love this print very much! thank you! i received many compliments regarding this look & all thanks to your shawl 😊


I must say, even if it's my first time trying your instant, i'm already in love! 😍 Since I'm a huge fan of pinkish/nude, this def caught my eye and it saves me a lot of time donning the hijab. can wait for my the other pieces to reach me soon ❤️✨

Nur Ain

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