La Madame , Le Femme (Preorders)


      La Madame, Le Femme 
      (The lady, The Woman)

      This series is specially curated by A Cup Of Dee.
      Conceptualised by A Cup Of Dee's Team.
      For the lady in you, for the woman that you are
      or yet to become. 

      This collection is yet another meaningful collection.
      Signifying hijrah, signifying beauty and identity.

      Hijrah is something that needs continuous effort,
      patience and resilience. Changes in us as we progress from one stage to another
      require us to keep checking in with our intention. 
      Progress may be fast, may be slow
      It is a beautiful struggle,
      But one should never give up.

      It is time to stop thinking about what others think of you.
      You become what you envision yourself to be,
      as the lady, as that woman 
      you want to be.

      PO Approximately 2 working weeks / 14 working days.


      46 products

      46 products