Eid Mubarak 2018!

Assalamualaikum ladies!
First and foremost, still  can't believe I deleted our blog by accident during
the last few days of Ramadan. :( That explains why you don't
see all our posts! Thats almost a year worth of blog posts
after we shifted to this webhost. Oh wells, i shall not brood over this
and just start a fresh new one then! Deep inside, im still aching over
this to be frank! tsk.tsk.
Oh wells, i'm gonna rest from blogging about the list of our
hijab products today and start our brand new post with thanking 
 all of you for being wonderful customers. Our team is grateful,
despite not having any events during Ramadan, our online orders kept us very busy enough week after week for your eid preparation. It means a lot for the team.From the weekly photoshoots and mini video shoots, to the packing ladies all the way to the courier team who managed to deliver your orders on time. As we got excited as the numbers of orders grew, we were also trying to ensure the orders reach u on time. For the first time in our acupofdee years, our courier service deployed 7 riders to fulfill your orders for the last week of Ramadan. 

Unlike our previous years, we have had events during Ramadan. Definitely
a wonderful experience (although tiring on the preparations) to meet you ladies who have been our buyers ! Some of you asked why didn't we join any, with the crowd pull and many other positive factors. Trust me, i was so tempted to sign us up for events or hold a private sale! Unfortunately, it was beyond our capacity in terms of time and commitment as events can be pretty heavy on the backend. So with so much tawakkal, we steered from the norm we have had since three years ago. No physical sale. Just online.
All we can say is, Allah is truly the best of planners. 
Everything was timely. Alhamdulilah.

With your support,
We have managed to contribute an amount to our give back projects in ramadan.
1086 worth of hijabs sold for wakaf projects > mosque>quran>orphanage
and a water well via global ehsan. 

Thank you so much for being part of this journey.
Many takeaways from this year's experience. 
of which one would be,
let go and let god. 

Of course, if it is within our capacity, we will 
take part in Ramadan events next year. 
Insya allah.

Last week of Eid, i  hope your eid is well so far.:)


(it's been ages since i last use "xoxo" this, but hey, why not!)

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