The Perfect Rejects SALE $6-$12

We aim towards zero wastage of fabric and resources! Presenting to you, the perfect rejects clearance sale, first time on the website.

First things first, this collection is definitely for non-picky buyers. No refund or exchanges after purchase.

This collection is a compilation of our products that didn’t make it to our digital retail shelves. The same concept as an outlet store where they also put rejected items with minor defects upon sale; priced slash at more than 85% discount, our perfect reject sale is perfect for you if you are non-fussy!

We have carefully picked the ones that are definitely still wearable and minor defects that are actually unnoticeable.

However, please read the details below carefully before ordering. Items in this collection may have any of the following :

1) Minor defectS
2) Loose threads (which can be snipped off)
3) Minor stitch defect
4) Minor printing error
5) Tiny stain
6) Discontinued past collections
7) Defects on lasercut edges 

All of the items here are $6 or $12 per piece. No box will be included for exclusives. :)