The Exquisites Instocks


      Exquisites; another range that’ll be part of absolutely by dee series. Exquisite is beautiful, one of a kind, you know one look it’s purely ours. You know by one look, it speaks of demure strength. A quiet resilience. Above all, the work behind exquisites is not just a person’s work... it’s led by my mind, but with many hearts at work. This collection is a wish. A wish to be able to share a portion of what’s mine with others.

      Because a portion of what we earned belongs to others. Even when the going gets tough, you be tough so you’ll get tougher. That’s what exquisites is all about. We’ve worked on this for a few months and it’s finally ready. This collection taught us resilience. Fall many times but you stand up tall as much as you can. Even if you find yourself crawling, you keep moving. Exquisites is a very special collection.

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