The Quran Journal by Umeda (Instocks)
The Quran Journal by Umeda (Instocks)
The Quran Journal by Umeda (Instocks)
The Quran Journal by Umeda (Instocks)
The Quran Journal by Umeda (Instocks)

The Quran Journal by Umeda (Instocks)

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This journal will be your guide on that journey to connect with the Quran in a meaningful way. With relevant monthly themes and selected verses for each day, this journal will help you to get started creating that relationship, without the overwhelm of not knowing where or how to start.

Make the intention that the 365 daily verses in this book will be your starting point on your lifelong journey to connect with Allah’s words in ever deeper and more meaningful ways. That they will be your reminders when you feel like you have wandered off the path. That they will be your foundation and your grounding in a world that seems ever more hectic. Bismillah. 

• Theme and Verse Number: At the top of each page, you will find the theme for the month and the number of the verse in the Quran which you can use to look up the verse. 

• Arabic: Regardless of the level you are, practice Arabic writing by copying down the verse. 

• Translation: Write down the translation you best understand and connect with. 

• Tafsir: Read through and write the background, context, and explanation of each verse. The most well known authentic resource for tafsir is Tafsir Ibn Kathir. Th is can be purchased online or in many Islamic bookstores. Tafsir Ibn Kathir can also be found for free online in various places. 

• Application: Reflect on and apply the verse of the day to your life. How does this verse connect to you and your experiences? How does it relate to the overall theme? Are there any other verses, hadith,or quotes that this brings to mind? How does it make you feel? How can you act on it? These are some questions to get you started, but of course you can write whatever feels right. 

• Dua: Write a short dua to help you put your learnings about the verse into action. 

Ameen. May Allah accept all your efforts in better connecting with the Quran.


I love this print very much! thank you! i received many compliments regarding this look & all thanks to your shawl 😊


I must say, even if it's my first time trying your instant, i'm already in love! 😍 Since I'm a huge fan of pinkish/nude, this def caught my eye and it saves me a lot of time donning the hijab. can wait for my the other pieces to reach me soon ❤️✨

Nur Ain

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