Shawraa Deenah

A Shawraa Deenah Collection is dedicated to our beautiful daughter.
Four designs in this collection signifies the arrival of our second child on our fourth pregnancy, after two miscarriages. 

These floral pieces are specially hand painted before designing of
the shawls took place. The meticulous and tedious artwork of painting the florals, petals, branches requires loads of patience and dedication. The birth of these shawls would not have been possible without the wonderful collaborations
with two talented artistes , Aishah Jamal of @rnbwfngrs and Shakina Razale
of @shakinarazale. The processes of creating these shawls were 
definitely made with love.They are personally designed by acupofdee made possible with
these talented ladies.

Shawraa Deenah means "Beautiful and Obedient".
The concept of this collection is subtle and soft designs 
that gives you a beautiful vibe.

We showcased this collection in a fashion show in December 2017 :)

Currently , we have instocks. In case it went sold out, we are also 
opening Preorders for this popular collection once again for shawls, instants.

Items is estimated to arrive early-mid February.