There is goodness in giving no matter how little. [Khadimulquran] |
There is goodness in giving no matter how little. [Khadimulquran] |
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Scrapise Surprise !

Scrapise Surprise is a surprise collection; made up of all our past exclusive collections. They are mostly our last pieces and hence, are in limited quantity. Too pretty to scrap, too small a quantity to release as a collection and hence, we collate them all treasures and put them together. 

There will be no box that comes along with it for this collection. Price is discounted than usual and god knows when we are bringing them back again! 

Here's  surprising you with our past hardwork, together with some of our selected students' artworks, our artworks and our workshops inspired pieces . 

Thank you for being our source of strength and motivation to keep  producing more printed hijabs. Insya allah.

Disclaimer: Items are instocks, do note that colours on hijab may have minor difference due to studio lighting.