Raudhah Exclusives (Instock)

Raudhah Exclusives (Instock)


      In the Name of Allah, the All-Beneficent, the All-Merciful

      Almighty Allah says in the Holy Quran
      ".. and did good, they shall be made happy in a beautiful garden.(30:15)"

      Raudhah, a name that comes to mind for this collection. Change is only constant in dunia and the most beneficial of change we try to make are the ones that are moving towards akhirah. That step to wearing a hijab is also one of the biggest changes we could have made. It is not just a piece of fabric that changes our outlook but also has that capacity to greatly strengthen our minds and hearts. Insya allah, we will gradually shift our lifestyle towards modesty and incline our hearts to our deen.

      May we be friends of Jannah & be guests in HIS garden of Paradise.



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      ETA Arrival in singapore - 8th - 12th March
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      Disclaimer; Should there be delays due to covid restrictions and shipment, we will inform you via email. 

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