Detour Exclusives (NEW!)

Detour is a specially created that symbolizes 
acupofdee's journey in 2019 as she detoured
deeper into building workshops that allow people
to create their own shawl designs. 

There's always a story behind
every collection we built. 

Resilience, patience and passion are what
this collection is all about. The instincts to
go deeper into workshops was deeply motivated 
by one of our peranakan textile printing workshops
that we attended.  We took that leap of faith, detoured into shawl
designingworkshops and here's our rendition of perseverence
in our own tiling design composition.

With two different patterns on each sides, 
wear it the way you want it.

Available in premium maxmara silks and premium babydoll chiffons,
Options available in all types of hijabs.

2 Working Weeks 
(Estimated timeline)