Create your own Hijab



      Finally, we are opening our doors to allow you to print your own artwork for your personal use, momentos or for gifting. After doing it only based on requests and editing hundreds of personalized hijabs for our workshop series, we have finally decided that it is high time, to let you enjoy this process as much as we do. 

      The Beauty of Our Create Your Own Hijabs?

      You get to choose which type of hijab you'd love the end product to look like. 
      Add names, add quotes as you wished. Anything that is to your liking is made possible. 

      1) Create your design 

      Handpaint them, digitally design them using many different types of softwares available or if art is not your forte but u have desired designs in your mind, you can also purchase or download licensed vectors/stock images from websites before printing them on fabric. 


      Example of a handpainted piece transferred on a hijab fabric.

      2) Upload them into our website easily. 
      Get your artwork ready in jpg or png with the dimensions below. 

      Shawls or Instant Shawls : 200cm by 70cm
      Squares : 140cm by 140cm
      Khimars: 170cm by 150cm.

      Choose the category desired. If you need editing asssitance for the sizing, simply opt for our "Create your Hijab (With editing services)"

      3) Wait for your hijabs to reach you! :)

      That's easy three steps! :)

      Important Things to take note :
      1) Do not use/steal artworks that does not belong to you. 
      2) Images, digital designs, illustrations created by other brands are not allowed to be used (eg: Elsa from frozen, hello kitty etc..). 
      3) A Cup Of Dee has every right to reject any artworks that does not fit the requirements.


      3 products

      3 products