So, Just go for it.

Dee Diyanah

It is almost 3am in the morning right now and i have yet to sleep. More like, i can't seem to sleep and my brainwaves are super active right now ! Dang. Which is super weird, because it was supposed to be more active when i was sitting for exams last week but somehow, my brain went against me and went to bed most of then time. That period, i should be burning the midnight oil. Oh wells, exams are over and so i am not gonna brood about them. Oh, and hello holidays! Maybe that's why i am so active like an owl right now, at this moment.
Again, i miss blogging and writing.  So, i am gonna spare some time doing it whenever i can since i have the capacity and hopefully, a little wee luxury of time since i'm off duty from work for 5 weeks. Yayyy to more time for this hobby of having fancy, crazyyy ideas and whatnots- mad love for fabric and all that's related!
So, now i feel like talking a little bit about the importance of doing
something you love, with someone you can trust, be comfortable around and most importantly being able to say No too. Agree to disagree. 
But most importantly, sharing the same hopes. 
To make something work. Share the same excitement,
when the ideas materialize. 

We were just done with mapping out our next plan for our sister brand, @ohmymotifs (  It was pretty difficult to make plans during the day honestly, our attention were divided and we'll put our babies first above anything else. 
Having that little time that we had, within that short few hours, we managed to wrap up what needs to be changed and edited on the website followed by narrowing of fabric choices. It was a "chop chop" kinda discussion but we had our
consensus on our printed designs, with loads of careful considerations. 
We kinda push our sleepy thoughts away just so we can have that 
time to discuss without much disruptions. The kids were asleep and 
it was the best time to do anything we needed to do.

The satisfying part, is finalizing without much hassle, because we are able to 
tell each other our yays and nays. Like, eh this one like too common ar or eh this one too dull la, or the flower like baju tidur , macam tablecloth la  etc etc..! After all, the both of us are two different people, with different tastes too sometimes.
With all that differences, we are still awesomely okay with the process of picking out what works best for us and hopefully, what our buyers will like too! :)
How do we make this work when we don't live under one roof,
only meet a few times a week of which most of the time we will be caught up 
with our babies? 
How eh? We just go for it. #gojer
Most of the time, we were like lets just do it.
Even if it meant, killing a last minute photoshoot a day before 
our ladiessouq event, editing pictures the morning of the event, 
rehearsing only on the same day because our items only came in that
very week! Even if it meant, getting called for an interview a month after we started and having less than 5 days to prepare to put a showcase together. 
We kickstarted on 21st August, it has been 4 months since we 
jumped on this sisterly brand! 2 months of prepping our first Instock collection
of swing pants (especially catering sizes up to UK20) and we are down to our last few pieces! Today, a cyber monday sale happening and all you have to do is to enter a special code to enjoy $4 off per pants! Shop here!
Chey. I love this quote and its motivational factor! lol I think, the only "stars" we have in our current minds right now are just to enjoy this process of seeing the brand grow healthily
haha sesihat seperti kami yang semakin sihat juga insya allah. 
Insya allah, You will look lovely in our shawls and pants too. :)
Oh yes, acupofdee shawls are slashed for cybermonday. Enjoy the blackfriday
and cybermonday sale while you can.
Suddenly, this post appeared like a promotional blog post when initially i wanted to write on partnership. I swear it was unintended . Oh, sambil menyelam minum air. So why not ? 
Good things are meant to be shared anyways!
Have a great Monday everyone. 

Till the next blog post!

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