A November to Remember

Dee Diyanah


November has been a super-pretty busy month for us! Here's an overview on what's behind the screen of November, we have been prepping our 3rd anniversary collection, booth sale at ladies souq 3 cum fashion show to present our new prints and rubiah instants, the launch of our shawls in lulwa boutique and now, alhamdulilah we are embarking on a new journey with a reliable warehousing company. 

Ladies Souq III & Manja Feature

Our ladies souq three(Organized by @thewtbdiary) fashion show went well alhamdulilah! We paired acupofdee's 3rd anniversary special collection -  rubiah instant shawls with our sister brand, @ohmymotifs first ever self manufactured swing printed swing pants! Less than a week, we have sold 3/4 of our swing pants stocks, alhamdulilah. Thank you very much for the support! To view our pants, you can shop at! We were pretty delighted to be featured in Suria TV, Manja ! The oppportunities that came knocking our November door for our sister brand has been an exciting one too!



Lulwa Boutique

Some of our selected pieces can now be found in a boutique along other online brands such as @maysixteen, and @afonline! Have your mix and match buys whenever you can. 

It is located at 19, Baghdad Street! A quaint boutique with french white doors, it is definitely easy to spot! Located at such a convenient place , near the Sultan mosque and eateries just opposite such as Kampong Glam Cafe and desserts /cafes all around. What is there not to love about the location! 

When we were approached by lulwa, we were definitely ecstatic. Our Shawls will be there from November till May 2018, insya allah. Have a feel of our shawls ! 

Members, please do bring your tickets to enjoy additonal 5% off on top of the special boutique price. 



It has been three years since we started out. This year, we have had multiple of changes and we have finally settled on this big move after weighing all aspects of our small online family biz- in terms of customer service, products, speed of delivery and the list goes on. 

We definitely want to put our focus more on our services, products and designs. We have finally make an agreement with a reliable source to handle our stocks, which has been gradually increasing in numbers (again, alhamdulilah) and delivery services. We want the items to reach you fast, safe and sound insya allah. All the changes that we are embarking on are focused on building customer service and to improve on whatever that we are lacking on. With this change, we have more time to focus on the products that we can and will bring for you. After all, there are only  3 pairs of hands handling the whole of acupofdee. :) 

You will see that the shipping option has now been narrowed down to just door delivery. For $80 and above spent, your delivery is on us! :) Do catch our free shipping days from time to time too. 

Insya allah, our niat for this change is to better improve our services for you. We can't thank you enough for the support and duas you have been giving us for the past three years!

Thank you for the valuable feedbacks, honest reviews to further improve and not forgetting on our apologies for any shortcomings that we have made, the human errors which were unintentional and for, still being a fantastic buyer that you are despite them mistakes.(Whoa, thats a mouthful of a sentence! Haha!)

And with that, today we have about 300 hijabs up waiting for you! What are you waiting for? You know the drill! 


P/s : And oh, please key in the right address and contact number this time too? Thank you lovelies!


Much Much Love,
-Just a mother of two awesome children, wife to a super supportive husband cum acupofdee partner whose hobby is to turn printed fabrics to hijabs!-

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