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Assalamualaikum ladies,
After months of planning and preparation, we are finally launching our first Hijab Kit which we call THE GEM KIT. This kit is definitely suitable for yourself or even as a gift for someone starting out the hijab, converted to Islam or basically just as gift for a family or friend. 

The hijab spray is specially formulated by bottle of wellness just for acupofdee. I've had issues with my scalp ever since i gave birth to Daniyal as a matter of fact, not blaming the hijab but of course! However, wearing the hijab for long hours, i do realize that there's a need for hair and scalp care. With that, i consulted Ida some time before i gave birth in April ! She finally formulated this hijab hair spray with all natural ingredients ,definitely no nasties which keeps my hair smelling fresh and nice! Tested the spray out for almost a month on myself and i've seen gradual improvement on my scalp and the texture of my hair and alhamdulilah, finally ready to launch it, and its good to go!

Next, the lip balm and scrub from Claudia Nour! Why lip scrub of all products?! I think most of us love using lipstick, lip pencils, glosses etc you name it. But, scrubbing our lips seem to be the last in mind or not in mind at all! Even if you arent a lipstick lover, this lip scrub improves the condition your lips and did i mention it is nice smelling too! What's even great, the ingredients used are halal and non harmful for our skin. The sugar crystals scrub off the dead skin on our lips too. Of course, i'll try it on myself first and i have been using this for months and i'm totally addicted to it! 

I wanted to include something that is travel friendly and solat/wudhu friendly and when i saw Claudia Nour's range of solid perfumes, it was like an 'Aha' moment! They smell nice, not overpowering and comes in 4 different scents! All of them smell  so so fresh and original! My favourite would be Amber Musk and Tropical Garden! Comes in sets of 4 with the lip balm and scrub, this set comes with Claudia Nour's very own eco-friendly pouch.

Acupofdee's Gem Kit wouldnt be complete without our very own items right?
Here we have included a year membership. Finally, bringing back this membership program with better perks! There'll be birthday shawls and free shawl on your 15th Shawl purchase and free deliveries for orders above $80! (Non members will only enjoy free delivery on $110 purchase!) 

What else? $2 off Every regular priced shawl on your purchases! Cut the wait for suprise sales, just use it as and when you want. :) 

Last but not least, these items would be specially packed in pretty, made with love handmade bags by! 
Choose your design preference before carting out!
Above all, it is not mainly on the products, but also the ladies behind these products.
The collaboration is amazing and seeing it materialize makes me feeling over the moon! 
More on the curators of the brand in the upcoming posts! 
For now, hit the the gem kit ladies. Theres two options available,
The Basic Gem Kit consists only our membership program, whereas The Gem Kit is the whole kit of 4 featured brands put together!

Limited slots available and insya allah,
You'll love this kit as much as i do. 
They are all in fact, made with love! 







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